My Love Affair With Chocolate Cakes

I have this undying love affair with chocolate ever since I could remember and one of my favourite chocolate-made food has to be the good old chocolate cake. Now, even if I love chocolate cakes, does not mean I will eat any such cake that is placed before me. No, no. I must only eat the best of the best ever chocolate cake or else, I will not eat it at all.

This is because I have come across many a different types of cakes made from chocolate and cocoa and some are downright horrible tasting concoctions not worth the stomach space I wasted consuming them. No, even as crazy I am over chocolate and a die-hard chocoholic, I have my standards. No lousy cake will pass my lips. Especially when its main ingredients contain chocolate. Can you even imagine eating some tasteless cake impersonating as a chocolate cake?

I consider it an affront. An insult to the absolutely richness of chocolate cakes. Seriously, people who make louse cakes should be banned from going near any oven at all. I mean, we are talking about chocolate cakes here, you know. So, due to my love for this absolutely sinful, yet worth every bite, chocolate dessert, I started a journey to search for as many chocolate cake recipes as I could possibly find.

Then, I will try each and every single recipe until I come across one that is able to produce the perfect and best ever chocolate cake in the whole wide world. At least to me. After all, how the cake tastes only mattered to me since I will be the one eating it all! Bwahahahahah…the cake is mine. ALL mine!  But of course, if it is simply horrible, then I don’t mind sharing a bit of it with others.

Chocolate cake recipes are pretty easy to find online nowadays. Gone are the historic days when we need to ask around our relatives, mother, grandmother, aunts, etc, etc, just to get a simple cake recipe made from chocolate. I mean can you imagine scribbling it all down on a piece of paper and then losing the paper? It would have been darn inconvenient and a total waste of time. Yep, the online way of finding recipes is really great. You can copy and paste the recipes and save it for later. Some of these instructions even come with step-by-step photo-instructions to guide readers along.

Actually, baking a chocolate cake is pretty easy. You just mix everything together, pop it into the oven and it is done within 30 minutes or more. Not much hassle and you get great returns when it is done. Of course, there are a lot of different recipes to choose from such as flourless chocolate cakes, low fat cakes, cocoa-rich cakes or even the famous 5-minute chocolate cake!

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