Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolates – The Perfectly Delicious Gift

Gourmet chocolates are relished by people of all age groups. This is a good gift option as well as a great stress buster. Chocolate gift baskets are now in great demand. People customize these baskets and send chocolates to their near and dear ones. There are a variety of chocolates like unsweetened, slightly sweetened, dark chocolates, milk or white chocolates, liquor chocolates to name a few.

Diabetics, who are chocolate lovers, need not feel left out any more. There are now delicious chocolate options available for them called gourmet sugar free chocolates. When you go to the market to get chocolates for yourself be cautious in reading the label that mentions the laxative effects that the chocolate might have. Maltitol is sugar liquor used in these chocolates and too much of its consumption may cause diarrhea. More than 50 grams of sorbitol or 20 grams of maltitol every day may lead to digestive disorders as stated by American Dietetic Association. These can be great chocolate gifts.

Although this type of chocolate has been available for many years, you should still read the instructions regarding content level of sugar liquor in it. Maltitol is a natural form of sugar usually derived from starch and is the main content in the new version of sugar free chocolate. Maltitol is in a stable form and melts fast enabling it to be used to make these delicious sugar free treats. These high quality chocolates do not have a bitter taste which usually is present when made from artificial sweeteners. Maltitol makes chocolates taste as sweet as original but with less in calories causing no tooth decay and not adding to your weight in terms of fat. Maltitol still gives that rich creamy texture to chocolates. But make sure you keep a check on the amount you consume every day. The next time you need to give something to a diabetic person, choose something along the lines of this type of chocolate gift.

What’s great about the new gourmet sugar free treats is that they come in all kinds of styles, tastes and with some incredible additions mixed in. No longer do you just have to suffer with a bland sugarless bar, but gourmet sugar free chocolates now are found in glorious gift baskets and wonderfully elegant boxes as well. There are some incredible selections as well. You can get chocolate peanut clusters or delicious sugar free almond buttercrunch and so many other scrumptious options! So not only can you pay attention to your weight and still enjoy gourmet chocolates, but you can show that you care by sending some scrumptious sugar free chocolates to others that are health conscious or have diabetes.

What better way to share something sweet than to make it a delicious box of gourmet sugar free chocolate?

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