Death by Chocolate Cake – Your Ultimate Chocolate Cake

If you are a cake lover and find it difficult to resist especially the chocolate cakes, then you must be a fan of one of the most popular cakes in the world i.e. Death by Chocolate Cake. This cake has all the ingredients, which can make it extremely sumptuous and desirable. It has several layers of different ingredients that include whipped cream, caramel, chocolate, etc. and the combination makes it very delicious and something to die for. The final layer of dark chocolate spread over the sponge cake is amazingly delicious and mouth-watering. It makes the cake more exciting. The term death by chocolate is basically an advertising term used for different desserts, made of dark chocolate.

The basic recipe of death by chocolate cake is quite simple. Anyone can make this cake by correctly following the recipe. You just need to keep in mind the layers, which would be there in the cake, their order and specific ingredients. The lowest layer is chocolate brownie, followed by a layer of chocolate ganache, layer of cocoa meringue, mocha mouse and the final layer is of brownie again. There’s a chocolate paste coating, which covers all the layers. One needs to take an extra care while coating. Use of spatula is suggested as it helps to cover all the corners of the cake. After the coating, you can use some sauces or fruits like strawberry or cherry to decorate the cake. A lace border around the cake by melting the chocolate and putting it in a cone-shaped wax paper can also be made. You can then draw any shape on the cake with the cream. If you want to write a message, that is also possible.

In the end, chilling the death by chocolate cake is very important. You need to put it immediately into your refrigerator. Otherwise, it could start melting down and the whole cake can turn into a disaster. Make sure that you don’t keep it in for a very long time. Thirty to forty minutes will do, and a delicious cake would be ready to eat. You need to make sure that your family members do not often overeat the cake, because the frequent intake of chocolate can cause many problems in which gaining weight and oral problems are pretty common, especially in children and people who are in their forties to sixties. If you mostly bake cakes at your home, you can use low calorie chocolates as well, depending upon the ages of the guests and your family members.

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