Chocolate Wedding Favors For Your Wedding

Chocolate wedding favors possibly the most popular choice for wedding favors. The wide and varied selection of chocolates available makes them perfect for any style of wedding. For couples on a budget foil wrapped chocolate hearts are a cost effective choice, they are available in a range of colors and can be bought in large boxes containing enough for a big guest list. Whilst for those with a larger budget chocolate wedding favors include extravagant truffles, liquor chocolates, miniature chocolate cakes or personalized chocolate bars.

Packaging your chocolate favors traditionally meant either wedding favor boxes or traditional tulle nets. Today creative brides pile their chocolate favors into miniature metal pails, miniature bird’s nests, tiny terracotta plant pots or silk organza bags. The very best chocolate truffles should be presented in large balloon-tine boxes or on a decorative silver colored tray for a luxurious touch!

Candy favors are a popular alternative to chocolates and can be combined with chocolates or presented individually. The trend for weddings in recent years has been to set up a candy buffet bar, stocked with large jars, dishes and sweet shop style bottles of different sweets and candies. Little scoops and bags are provided so guests can help themselves. The range of candies available is huge, from jelly beans to gum balls, toffees to sherbet lemons, & even personalized M & M’s. Candy favors give couples the chance to go retro and include their favorite sweets from childhood and to fully co-ordinate their favors with a chosen color scheme.

Chocolate or candy lollipops make great favors, which you could make yourself. They are also ideal for personalizing either with your names and date or with a thank you message. You could even turn them into name cards by icing your guest’s names on them & arranging on each place setting.

Whatever your choice there is a wide range of chocolates and candy favors available. You can even make your own or employ someone to make customized versions for you. Delight your guests with some creative and original packaging enhanced with ribbons, decorative papers and thank you tags.

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