Can Dark Chocolate Really Keep the Doctor Away?

One would never think that chocolate would be considered as a health food. But research from science has found that this is a well know fact and should change the way we look at chocolate forever. People around the world are starting to realize that a treat we all love is really healthy for our own benefit. So, lets join the cheer leading squad by chanting: “Eat Chocolate To A Greater Health!”

Ok, before we get over zealous about this fact, let us consider the studies the scientist has found about the benefits of chocolate; especially dark chocolate which most people crave more than other types of this rich flavor.

Sufficient evidence has been proved that dark chocolate has more benefits for your health rather than white chocolate and even milk chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate actually has more fat content and lower benefits to health for consumers.

Also known as Bittersweet and Semi-Sweet, dark chocolate is very healthy and can enhance your mood. Also it keeps your emotions in a lighter, friendlier state of mind. The serotonin that dark chocolate has in it acts like an anti- depression drug would.

So while you are having an emotional bad day, eat a bar of dark chocolate to improve your mood visibly and restore your emotional content. Aside from helping us to calm our mood swings, dark chocolate helps our blood vessels flex, which improves the blood circulation in our bodies.

Other aspects of chocolate that are important to us are all the other nutrients that are contained in chocolate which is known to prevent some cancers. One ingredient very well known; Cacao is an ingredient that dark chocolate has an abundant of, is very important for the body. It contains antioxidants to fight off free radicals which can cause heart problems and diseases of other types.

One major enemy of most free radicals is Flavonoids which is also found in chocolate. Flavonoids help by tackling the other foods which have been ingested or inhaled form the environments we are around each and every day. Catechins and Epicatechins which are Flavonoids really protect the immune system of the body. Now can you see why eating dark chocolate of course in moderation is very important for our health?

Did you ever think about looking at that velvety soft texture of a chocolate bar as having healthy minerals? Minerals such as Magnesium and Iron? At least you now know that resisting chocolate for some is not an answer, but when you eat in moderation, for health reasons; eating chocolate is good!

Other benefits from the antioxidants found in dark chocolate is that it helps reduce stiffness and pain in joints which is caused by arthritis. Eating chocolate today will help in allowing you a restful sleep the next night as well due to the antioxidants that are found in chocolate. Brain and body energy increase from Vitamin B which is also found in dark chocolate.

Remember when they said that consuming chocolate would lead to a higher calorie intake that would cause your blood pressure and cholesterol levels rising above normal levels? Well, they were wrong and there are studies now to prove these facts. In fact, chocolate actually lowers your levels of cholesterol and your blood pressure. That should be an astounding hooray for lovers of chocolate. Yes chocolate does have fats and cholesterol, but they are good for the body and they do not interfere with the production of insulin.

Have you ever heard that with eating chocolate, a person will become diabetic? Wrong! Actually for diabetics, dark chocolate is good because of the low carbohydrates it has. And since diabetics must constantly keep their sugar levels within a normal level, dark chocolate will not hurt them.

With citing the healthy benefits of eating dark chocolate, do not go out and consume an enormous amount of it! Please remember that with all things, eating too much is not the way to good health. Moderation is the way to go when eating anything: especially that sultry melt-in-your-mouth piece of chocolate!

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